What’s that Product? Wednesday: Lush’s Big Shampoo

Lush’s Big Shampoo

11.4 oz- $26.95 USD

Picture Source: Google Images

Hey ladies!

As I might have mentioned before, I’m not a big hair product junkie. I really only use the basics and occasionally, I’ll try something new but will only forget about it a month later. This is the one time I’ve used up a hair product and feel like I need to rush back to the store and buy another bottle. The most important thing I want for my hair is volume as my hair is pretty thick but can also be very flat which is irritating. I tried this product from Lush called Big Shampoo and was at first a bit skeptical. As you can see from the image, the tub is basically filled with chunks of salt which I thought would be very drying for my hair. However, once I gave it a chance, it did amazing things!

I like to mix Big with my regular everyday shampoo, but only every other time I wash my hair so that my hair won’t get too used to it. The texture feels a bit strange at first because it feels like you’re literally rubbing in salt to your scalp, but the results are well worth it. Once my hair dries, it feels extra clean and most importantly, voluminous. I don’t feel like my hair is weighed down from all the product which is always a plus, and it also feels thicker.The only downside is that if you don’t rinse it out well enough, you might find random salt bits when you’re brushing your hair.

On Lush’s website, the product claims to “Give limp hair more volume than you thought possible with seaweed infusion to soften hair, and fresh citrus juices for incredible shine. Made with over 50% sea salt, BIG is our most effective shampoo for hair in need of a boost to turn it into sexy, bouncing hair. Full of minerals, sea salt de-greases hair, removing dead skin cells and dirt, without stripping natural oils. The lift comes from debris being lifted from the roots of the hair for major oomph. Plus, we’ve mixed in extra virgin coconut oil, and avocado butter for added softness. Your hair will be bouncing back to life.”

For once, I think there’s a product that lives up to its claims. I give Big Shampoo a 5/5 because of how much volume it gives me as well as how regardless of the salt, it does not dry out my hair. Next time you’re in Lush, you should definitely check this out!

Have you tried Lush’s Big Shampoo? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!




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