Manicure Monday: SpaRitual in Strike a Pose/MAC’s Pink Nouveau Lipstick

Picture Source: Google Images

Hey ladies!

As I mentioned in my last Manicure Monday, I was able to get my hands on some gorgeous SpaRitual nail polishes. This shade in particular is called “Strike a Pose” and is also from the Dramatic High Notes collection which retails for $10. I would definitely say it fits the description of a Barbie, bubblegum pink to a tee. This color is a creme so it doesn’t have any shimmer flecks or glitter, but I think it’s perfect for a date or those days you’re feeling flirty and feminine.

As a side note, when I saw this color, I immediately thought of Pink Nouveau by MAC. I put the two products side by side and found they’re a great match if you want to rock them together for a fun, girly look. 

(Note: My lighting is terrible so it appears that the lipstick is lighter, but in person, it’s a definite match:)

What’s your favorite pink nail polish? Let me know in the comments below!




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