What’s that Product? Wednesday: Chanel Smoky Eyes Quad

Chanel Smoky Eyes Quad

$58 USD

Hey ladies!

My mom has always been a huge Chanel fan long before I’ve even touched any makeup. A couple months ago, she was picking out a lipstick and asked me if I wanted to try any of their products. I was curious to see how Chanel’s eyeshadows compare to MAC or even drugstore brands, so I picked up this quad filled with grays and blacks to try out a classic smokey eye.

Here’s a look I’ve done using this quad and some swatches-

To be completely honest, I wasn’t very impressed. Aside from the beautiful and sleek packaging, the actual eye shadows were a bit chalky (the white highlight shade especially), and it took a couple swipes before I could even get this amount of color pay off on my arm. Just to compare, I decided to swatch a couple of MAC eyeshadows in the same color family.

(MAC eye shadows left to right: Carbon, Print, Knight Divine, Electra)

$15 USD

I found that these colors glided on a lot more smoothly and delivered more pigmentation after just one swatch. If you can afford more than just drugstore products, but don’t want to spend quite as much as a Chanel product, I suggest trying out these shades from MAC.

However, if you want an even more inexpensive alternative, I came across a Physicians Formula trio of mine that works great as well!

Physicians Formula Baked Smokes Eye Shadow Trio

$5.72 USD

(swatched on its own)

(swatched wet) 

These shadows can be applied either wet or dry. As you can see, with just a bit of water (or MAC’s Fix Plus), the pigmentation comes off so much more vibrant than the Chanel quad and is a fraction of the price! I’m not quite sure if stores still carry this trio in particular, but I know you can still find it on Amazon.

Going back to the Chanel quad, I rate it a 3/5 overall. I do like that that the shadows come in one compact with a good sized mirror so it’s easy to take on the go, but I wish for that steep price that it had much better pigmentation. So lesson to be learned here–don’t underestimate the drugstore! You can get higher quality products and save a lot more money:)

Have you ladies tried any Chanel eye shadows? What are your thoughts? Let me know!




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