What’s that Product? Wednesday: Prada Candy

Picture Source: Google Images

1.7 oz – $80 USD

2.7 oz- $108 USD

Hey ladies!

I went on a trip to New York in June for a beauty study tour where I visited several companies to see what they were all about and what they did for the beauty industry. Givaudan was one of them, and we were able to learn about trends within the fragrance industry which I found really interesting. I received Prada Candy as a free goodie which is why my picture shows it in the Givaudan bottle rather than the original bottle it’s sold in. I’ve been obsessed ever since!

Normally, I gravitate more towards floral scents whereas this fragrance is more on the sweet side. I don’t mind it as much because it’s not overpowering. On the Nordstrom website, it’s said to have top notes of caramel, mid notes of musks, and a base note of vanilla. I think it’s the perfect scent for the daytime if you’re going out on a lunch date and want to feel ultra-feminine and girly. Can we also take a minute to adore the packaging? It’s gorgeous!

I find that this scent isn’t super long-lasting, but I learned a few tricks in class to help make your perfume last throughout the day.

1.) You want to spray your fragrance on your pulse points starting from the back of your knees because the heat from this area will make the scent rise. Other areas include your inner wrists, your inner elbows, behind the ear lobes, and your cleavage. (Note: Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t rub your wrists together as it will crush the scent.)

2.) Try layering your scents. If you bought a set that comes with the fragrance, body lotion, and shower gel, applying all of these products will help the fragrance last longer throughout the day.

3.) Applying petroleum jelly to your skin before spraying your perfume will also help the scent adhere and last.

On the other hand, if you do want a lighter application that’s more short lasting, try spraying the fragrance in the air and walking through it. Overall, I give this product a 5/5 for the perfect day time scent.

What are some of your favorite perfumes? How do you apply it? Feel free to share in the comments below!




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